Trick Or Treat Trail 2010

Nevermore Haunted House Ad

Hello Boys and Ghouls! Its your old friend the Nevermore Crypt-keeper! Just wanted to let you know that my
little goblins have been working extra hard to set up our annual Trick or Treat Trail! Starting October 2, you can
visit Nevermore and be sent through a haunted house, complete with a graveyard and a host of familiar and
frightening faces. Prizes await the brave of heart while others may find themselves dying to get into our graveyard.
God luck and who knows, you may even see me there! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Click on the broom in the landing point to ride up to the haunted house, it’s under the big flying witch!

Open 24 hours until Nov 1, 2010

Nevermore would like to thank the following participating merchants! I hope to see you all back next year!

Nevermore Islands’ 4th Annual Haunted House and Trick Or Treat Trail Hunt on SL Hunts Blog

Thank you to all our participating merchants. You guys rock! Looking forward to our stocking hunt in Dec!


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