Summer Solstice Hunt 2015 – Timer Traveler

Summer Solstice Hunt 2015 - Timer Traveler

Rules for you to follow:
1. Please do not shout out the location of the item once you find it.
2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.
3. If you cannot buy a gift, please contact the merchant of that gift. The organizers do not have rights to fix these objects.
4. Please do not blog the exact location of any of the items. You may give the slurl to the store only.
5. Please do not complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift.
6. Please do not cheat and use area search!
7. Most importantly, have FUN!

Our Awesome Merchants: 20 total shops this year! Click the links to get the SLURL. Hints included if given by the merchant.

1.  Chimeric Arts and Fashions  Hunt Hint:  Look up, waaaaaay up!
2. Feyline Fashions Hunt Hint: Nighty Night Ladies!
3. Cgoo
4. Ever N’ Angel
5. ::M::
6. Ms. Boda’s Animal Shack
7. Poetic Colors
8. Hells Bells & Li’l Bird Customs Hunt Hint: Have a Devil of a time
9. Serendipity Designs
10. Kabuki
11. SharKbite Store
12. Baby Monkey
13. Loux
14. DVE
15. Enticing Designs Hunt Hint: Time waits for no one, but rests among familiar friends who give information
16. Ayva’s Attic
17. Glitter
18. KK Fashion Hunt Hint: Please try our hot drinks and Coffee.
19. Allusions Hunt Hint:
Prize 1
I peek out from behind these treasures of metals and jewels.

Prize 2
A man hides this beside his shoe.

20. Savira Originals Hunt Hint:
I am burning when I’m lit.
I warm your meals when you have food.
I bring warmth when the winters are cold.
My fire glows when nights are gloomy,
When I am not needed, my flames are extinguished.

What am I?



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