Fear of the Dark – Trick or Treat Trail 2015


DATE CHANGES!! Oct 24 – Nov 24, 2015!

Rules for you to follow:
1. Please do not shout out the location of the item once you find it.
2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.
3. If you cannot buy a gift, please contact the merchant of that gift. The organizers do not have rights to fix these objects.
4. Please do not blog the exact location of any of the items. You may give the slurl to the store only.
5. Please do not complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift.
6. Please do not cheat and use area search!
7. Most importantly, have FUN!

Our Awesome Merchants: 22 total shops this year! Click the links to get the SLURL. Hints included if given by the merchant.

1. Feyline Fashions  HUNT HINT:  A lamp post lights the way, man!

2. Inkheart  HUNT HINT:   I’m made of glass!

3. Stitches Creations  HUNT HINT:  This gift ain’t no bull!

4. [hate this]  HUNT HINT:  Sticks and Stones might break your… books?

5. CGoo  HUNT HINT:  Do not expect it open.

6. Little Ailments  HUNT HINT:  Would you rather watch TV or read a good book?

7. Vero Moderno  HUNT HINT: I’m crazy for Stilettos

8. Enticing Designs  HUNT HINT:  I’ll just sit here where there is a little bit of light

9. bees heaven shop  HUNT HINT:  let’s play hide-and-seek! Oh, is that Jimi Hendrix over there?

10. Tresor Couture RUNNING LATE!! CHECK BACK!

11. Beyond the Dark: The Gothic side of life  HUNT HINT:  Signs?! What signs?! OMG ok I am totally hiding over here……… You can’t hide with me!

12. Ever An’ Angel  HUNT HINT:  baaaa baaaa black book……

13. Semi-Precious  HUNT HINT:  Death never smelled as sweet…

14. Outside the Box!  HUNT HINT:  There is nothing like curling up with a good book.

15. Alice Project HUNT HINT:  You won’t need a hammer for these

16. Baby Monkey

17. Chimeric  HUNT HINT:  Lets meet near a door with a treat 🙂

18. Indolent  HUNT HINT:  Peeking around the post?

19. Savira Originals  HUNT HINT: High in the rafters of the attic I sit, but beware when you hear the chains rattle the ghost is near.

20. Allusions  HUNT HINT:  Do you dare walk into the DARK?

21. SexicalMoi  HUNT HINT:  When winds rustle through the trees, and water is heard nearby, you will find a book layed open, look closely with your eyes……..

22. HoodCity Ego  HUNT HINT:  Next door is a park thru a gate beware, follow the path to shelter if you dare, above the fire a book lies there.


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