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Pot of Gold Hunt 2014 (NPOG)

NPOG 2014 Graphic

Its that time of year again, Nevermore’s leprechauns join other infamous leprechauns in setting out their pots of gold for you to find. They will be setting them out grid wide and many stores are taking part. The hunt starts March 15, 2014 and ends April 15, 2014. 

We would like to thank the Leprechauns, (the awesome designers) that are participating in this hunt!

Run time: March 15 – April 15, 2014

Please do not:

1. Shout out gift locations in the shop

2. Complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift. Others may also
really like the gift.
Please do:

1. Enjoy yourself!

2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.

If you have any problems getting a gift to allow you to buy it, please wait a few minutes to see if it is due to lag. If you still can’t get it to
allow you to buy, please contact the merchant.

If you are unable to find a gift in the shop, please check the website for the slurl to the next shop.
Happy Hunting!

NPOG gift box

You are looking for this!

Participating Merchants:

1. Chimeric Arts & Fashions – Punkerella Summers
Hunt Hint – Shining a light on the dead

2. Essencial – Body & Fashion – Livla Roux
3. LaNoir Soleil Designs – MadamAemilius
Hunt Hint – Where else would a four leaf clover be??

4. [hate this] – Corvus Szpiegel
Hunt Hint – This one might be a challenge to find.

[hate this] neon shamrock

[hate this] neon shamrock

5. Dahllywood – Dahlia Dewitt *NOTE* New SLURL to new shop, Shop 4 has correct current landmark*
Hunt Hint – Every Linden counts in the Relay

6. Infinity Creations – Spicey Braveheart
Hunt Hint – Sitting Pretty

7. Baby Monkey – Pixieplumb Flanagan
Hunt Hint – I looked through the window with the boys

8. AyA Designs – yt Lemondrop
9. Ever An’ Angel – Everanangel Resident
Hunt Hint – Ever Must have dropped it going up the stairs

10. [SLGROW] – SLGrowGuru Resident
Hunt Hint – Everyone needs a hat

SLGROW] Pot of Gold Hunt

SLGROW] Pot of Gold Hunt

11. {Pink!e} – Caroolina Cooperstone
Hunt Hint – Games are fun

12. Bluemoon Creations – Moon Fromund
Hunt Hint – Lupine

13. B Barbie Style – Bitchbarbie Resident
Hunt Hint – Luck of the Irish

14. Savira Originals – Sashara Savira
Hunt Hint – When you enter, You see a man by a Flowing Spring, Behind The Spring is where I hide!

15. Allusions – Sabryne Rhode
Hunt Hint – No one will find me amongst these shirts!

16. Enticing Designs – Enticing Destiny
Hunt Hint – Are tartan and plaid the same thing?

17. QNC – Bri McMahon and Kayle Flanagan
Hunt Hint – Feeling pretty lucky today… think I might take a seat…

18. Coffee Creek Home & Garden – Lily Maitland
Hunt Hint – Everythings Just Ducky Around Here!

19. CGoo – Candycane Resident
Hunt Hint – All it takes is a healthy spine.