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Nevermore Summer Solstice Hunt 2012

The summer solstice, or equinox, marks the longest day of the year, which is a good thing because you will need all the time you can get!
Nevermore is sponsering a Summer Solstice grid-wide hunt! Several stores from SL have given hunt items for you to find. Get the clues and find the prize!
Its that easy! Or is it? Hunts are always fun and Nevermore makes sure you will have a great time with the Summer Solstice hunt!

We would like to thank the awesome merchants that are participating in this hunt!

Run time: June 15 – July 15, 2012


Please do not:

1. Shout out gift locations in the shop

2. Complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift. Others may also
really like the gift.

Please do:

1. Enjoy yourself!

2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.

If you have any problems getting a gift to allow you to buy it, please wait a few minutes to see if it is due to lag. If you still can’t get it to
allow you to buy, please contact the merchant.

If you are unable to find a gift in the shop, please check the website for the slurl to the next shop.

Happy Hunting!

Here is your list of the awesome merchants that have worked hard to make this possible. Hunt hints will be added when given.

1. \\\ Cilian’gel 1920’s Boutique /// – Cilia Shepherd – 

2. – Mock Cosmetics – Mocksoup Graves – 

3. [hate this] – Corvus Szpiegel –

4. PRIMALOT – Manya McMahon – 

5. Baby Monkey – Pixieplumb Flanagan – 

6. Insanya – Tatyana Ultsch –

7. {Pink!e} – Caroolina Cooperstone –

8. Enticing Designs – Enticing Destiny –

9. Stitches Creations – Stitches Bade –

10. Panda Punx – Lluna Nitely –

11. Time Lost Furniture – Sydney Kobichenko –

12. Allusions (Sabryne Rhode) –
Hunt Hint:I am sunbathing in the window

13. QnC – Kayle Flanagan –
Hunt Hint:We are watching you!

14.  bacidalucia village –  bacidalucia Oh –

Accepting Applications!

The Second annual Nevermore Summer Solstice hunt is gearing up.

We don’t have too many rules for our hunts. The ones we do have are pretty straightforward and easy.

1 – Please no business in a box items.

2 – All items must be your own creations. No stolen content.


The hunt will start June 15th and run through July 15th.

If you would like to be a part of this year’s Summer Solstice hunt, please return this merchant application to Bri McMahon or Sabryne Rhode.

Make a copy of this card and re-name it: NSSH: (your store) – (your name) – (date 00-00-00)

We would like to recieve merchant entry applications as soon as possible up to no later than June 8th.

Thank you for your interest in the hunt!

Bri McMahon and Sabryne Rhode

__________________Merchant Application questions________________________________

Your Name:

Secondary Contact:

Your Store Name:

Your store Landmark:

Your store SLURL:

Blog or Website SLURL: