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Trick Or Treat Trail 2013

Trick Or Treat Trail Banner

We would like to thank the awesome merchants that are participating in this hunt!

Run time: Oct 1 – Nov 1, 2013


Please do not:

1. Shout out gift locations in the shop

2. Complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift. Others may also
really like the gift.

Please do:

1. Enjoy yourself!

2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.

If you have any problems getting a gift to allow you to buy it, please wait a few minutes to see if it is due to lag. If you still can’t get it to
allow you to buy, please contact the merchant.

If you are unable to find a gift in the shop, please check the website for the slurl to the next shop.

Happy Hunting!

Our official Blogger, Roodvosje @ : Go dutch!

Here is your list of the awesome merchants that have worked hard to make this possible. Hunt hints will be added when given.

1. Baby Monkey – Pixieplumb Flanagan –

2. [hate this] – Corvus Szpiegel –
Hunt Hint: Don’t look behind you

3. Stitches Creations – Stitches Bade –
NOTE:  You will arrive at a landing point, please click teleporter to go to the store location.
Hunt Hint: This food looks good enough to eat!

4. LanNoir Soleil Designs – Aemilius LaNoir (MadamAemilius Resident)
Hunt Hint: Like seeks Like

5. Dragonsworn Shopping – Annakari Dragonsworn (annakari.genesis)
Hunt Hint – Across from the cemetery.

6. Big C’s Custom Bikes – Annakari Dragonsworn (annakari.genesis) –

7. Micro Me! – – Annakari Dragonsworn (annakari.genesis) –
Hunt Hint – I keep good company, like The Mad Hatter and Aladdin.

8. Savira Originals – DemonsSpawn’s Ninja (Sashara Savira) –
Hunt Hint: Come in to find me I am high in the air also not easily seen perched on the wood of a window but which one I won’t tell.

9. Allusions – Sabryne Rhode –
Hunt Hint:   Three gifts I hide for you to find, listen well to this tale. From the raven’s perch he could SEE ALL then he spied some TRINKETS that glittered and shined. He wanted them all and took them for his own. He hid them on a WINDOW high. To this day he guards his treasure.

10. QnC – Brevyre Demonspell (Bri McMahon) and Imrazor the Numenorean (kayle Flanagan) –
Hunt Hint: Be sure to keep an Eye out for it (Item is on the third floor)

11. Enticing Designs – Enticing Destiny –
Hunt Hint: Just hanging out with my feathered friends

12. Prim and Pixel – Mairead Fitzgerald –  (pulled out)

13. \\\ Cilian’gel 1920′s Boutique /// – Cilia Shepherd –
Hunt Hint – Time for some reflection!

14. Chimeric Arts and Fashions – Punkerella Summers –
Hunt Hint: Through the window I peek, come inside to find what you seek!

15. Elfies Mafia Photography – Liz Valentino (mizliz) –
Hunt Hint – The Panda’s sign holds the magic pumpkin.

16. Calico Hair (CIC) – Calico Ingmann –
Hunt Hint: Just a dip in the water

17. Faboo – Grizel Halberstadt –
Hunt Hint: dead men tell no tales

18. ChiChickie! – Chiana Meredith –

19. [mock] cosmetics – Mocksoup Graves –
Hunt Hint: You could slink around all day and not find me!

20. Infinity Creations – Spicy Braveheart –

21. Caramba – Raquel Gagliano –
Hunt Hint:  You will find me in the food shop.

22. QQ Creations – Quilla Quinnell –
Hunt Hint: I’ll just hide here among the other birds

23. Tree House Treasures – Aabbi Rhode –
Hunt Hint: I will never write on the sidewalk again

24. Gumi’s Bad Box – Gumi Yao –
Hunt Hint – Enter Shop and look for pumpkins

25. Reliquia – Luna Tiros –
Hunt Hint: “Hey buddy! Watch where you put that axe!”

26. KaTink – Annemarit Jarvinen –
Hunt Hint: It’s time to roll the dice  (Check the second floor)

27. Thrift Store Divas – Tuloxi and Friskykitten –
Hunt Hint: Have You Ever Snuggled With A Pumpkin?

28. B Barbie Style – Bitchbarbie Resident –
Hunt Hint: Seek the skulls

B.Barbie Style Hunt Gift Ad

B.Barbie Style Hunt Gift Ad

29. Sascha’s Designs – Sascha Frangill –

30. Somnia – Sanura Snowpaw –
Hunt Hint – The kittehs keep trying to climb up to reach this prize but so far they haven’t knocked it off.

31. Raven Keep Wiccan and Fantasy Shop – Karra Babii – (pulled out)

32.  PRISM – Journey Mclaglen –
Hunt Hint: I`m packed and ready to go , BUT I`m Traveling at a SNAILS Pace

33.  Nightmare Design – Amber Queenstown  –
Hunt Hint: Jack Rocks My World

34. (MISS JEWELL) – Cheryne Jewell
Hunt Hint: On the 4th floor take a picture and a gift

Hunt Hint: Look for coming soon!

36.  Coffee Creek Home And Garden – Lily Maitland and Articgrey Hamsun –
Hunt Hint – Shopping for a New Log Cabin can be so Fun!

37.  .:: Drop Dead Gorgeous Shapes & Skins ::.. – L1niki Resident (ℐℯຮຮϊcα Ƙυɳʈ ßαttitυdє ĎЄмЄиŤόŕ ) –