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Nevermore’s Trick Or Treat Trail 20014 – Tales Of Horror!

Nevermore Trick Or Treat Trail 2014 - Tales Of Horror Banner

“Presently I heard a slight groan, and I knew it was the groan of mortal terror. It was not a groan of pain or of grief –oh, no! –it was the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul when overcharged with awe. I knew the sound well. Many a night, just at midnight, when all the world slept, it has welled up from my own bosom, deepening, with its dreadful echo, the terrors that distracted me. I say I knew it well. I knew what the old man felt, and pitied him, although I chuckled at heart. I knew that he had been lying awake ever since the first slight noise, when he had turned in the bed. His fears had been ever since growing upon him. He had been trying to fancy them causeless, but could not. He had been saying to himself –“It is nothing but the wind in the chimney –it is only a mouse crossing the floor,” or “It is merely a cricket which has made a single chirp.” Yes, he had been trying to comfort himself with these suppositions: but he had found all in vain. All in vain; because Death, in approaching him had stalked with his black shadow before him, and enveloped the victim. And it was the mournful influence of the unperceived shadow that caused him to feel –although he neither saw nor heard –to feel the presence of my head within the room.” – Excerpt The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Nevermore’s 7th Annual Trick Or Treat Trail Oct 15, 2014 – November 15, 2014.

Rules for you to follow:
1. Please do not shout out the location of the item once you find it.
2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.
3. If you cannot buy a gift, please contact the merchant of that gift. The organizers do not have rights to fix these objects.
4. Please do not blog the exact location of any of the items. You may give the slurl to the store only.
5. Please do not complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift.
6. Please do not cheat and use area search!
7. Most importantly, have FUN!

Our Awesome Merchants: 10 total shops this year! Click the links to get the SLURL. Hints included if given by the merchant.
1. Enticing Designs

2. CGoo

3. [hate this]Hunt Hint: “I wonder if ‘Tales of Horror’ make good bedtime stories?”
Note from Corvus: there’s a long trail of blood that leads into the correct part of the store.

4. ~*~Allusions~*~ – Hunt Hint: “Reading my book in my new Gypsy Jeans”

5. Chimeric Arts and Fashions – Hunt Hint: “For now, I see the stars, though it is deep in the ground I sleep.”

6. Hells Bells & Li’l Bird Customs –  Hunt Hint : “It’s a Devilish ride”

7 & 10. .::VamWapa Gesturebation Nation:: & .::.TopHat Designs.::.
Note from Vampie: One store is on the first floor, the other upstairs. Both Shops have a gift for you!
–VamWapa Gesturebation Nation Hunt Hint: “Everyday I am around you but you cannot see me. I sit and wait for my moment to choose. Will it be you or someone else? Who will be my next victim? This you shall never know.
–TopHat Designs Hunt Hint: “Floating floating it is such fun. If you stare too long you might just have to run”

8. ~Bluemoon Creations~ Gallery & Shapes

9. QnC (Quaint and Curious) Two Gifts!! Hunt Hints: “We have our eye on you!” and “Need your Gift redelivered?”
Want to read the Tale of Horror to go along with the QnC gifts? Read it here!