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Winter Solstice 2014 – Winter Wonderland Hunt

Nevermore's Winter Solstice Hunt Banner 2014


Nevermore’s 7th Annual Winter Solstice Hunt, Dec 21, 2014 – Jan 21, 2015. This year’s theme, Winter Wonderland!

Rules for you to follow:
1. Please do not shout out the location of the item once you find it.
2. Wait and Load, lag happens in Second Life, and a crowded sim makes it even laggier.
3. If you cannot buy a gift, please contact the merchant of that gift. The organizers do not have rights to fix these objects.
4. Please do not blog the exact location of any of the items. You may give the slurl to the store only.
5. Please do not complain about a gift given. If you do not like it, please consider that someone has worked hard and was kind enough to give a gift.
6. Please do not cheat and use area search!
7. Most importantly, have FUN!

Our Awesome Merchants:

  1. CGoo Hunt Hint: Be careful with your legs
  2. [hate this] Hunt Hint: “Winter sports are dangerous. Look in here if you got hurt!”
  3. Enticing Designs Hunt Hints: Womans – A snow storm is liable to blossom at any time.  Men’s – Winter is cold, so suit yourself and stay warm
  4. ~*~Allusions~*~ Hunt Hint: I caught a snowflake at the gas pump.
  5. Glitter Hunt Hint:  Gifts are always under the tree
  8. Ever An’ Angel
  10. Stitches Creations
  11. Baby Monkey
  12. ~TAM~ Hunt Hint: Come sit with me by the fire
  13. Sky Main Store Hunt Hint:Behind every beautiful fur, there is a story.
  14. Hells Bells & Li’l Bird Customs  Hunt Hint: Under the Sunset
  15. Freekz Hunt Hint: I want to be Princess
  16. DVE (Digital Vortex Engineering)
  17. Savira Originals Hunt Hint: Tickled by fire…but I’m not melting.
  18. QnC Hunt Hints:1) Need a redeliever? 2) Can’t see the forest for the trees
  19. ::M3:: Hunt Hints: 1. Have you ever been camping in the winter? 2. Thru the tunnel, under the water, to the Ocean bottom we go. That’s right, to the ocean it is, just keep going straight up the stairs and thru the door. you will find a CLAM, by the barrels, seeking a bit of fresh water to quench his thirst with a delicious winter snowflake.3. Mmmmmm, Pizza! Mossms love pizza and don’t mind to share.4. Cross the bridge and UP the main stairs, to the top floor you will stand. Far to the end, there lyes BLUE ROSE, on a sign waiting for you to come in. The horses Neigh, hurry, look down on the ground, before the snowflake melts away!
  20. CST Designs
  21. VamWapa Gesturebation Nation and Top Hat Designs Hunt Hints: (UPSTAIRS) Cover me in lights, put presents underneath me. A lot of times I can be fake so which one can the real be?  AND TOP HAT DOWNSTAIRS!!!! HINT!: Santa’s everywhere so many laps. Which one is the REAL Santa under the cap?
  22. BLUEMOON CREATIONS  Hunt Hint: Duality is in all of us
  23. Kabuki Hunt Hint: I could give you Kisses Forever on this long winter solstice night.  (Look in the Laying Animation section.)
  24. *Tiffany Designs* Hunt Hint: You can find me at the entrance under the Subscriber Sign 🙂

Winter Solstice Hunt 2014- Winter Wonderland Application


Nevermore's Winter Solstice Hunt Banner 2014

We don’t have too many rules for our hunts. The ones we do have are pretty straightforward and easy.

1 – Please no business in a box items.

2 – All items must be your own creations. No stolen content.  (Merchant resource pack use is ok, as long as you follow their TOS).


The hunt will start December 21st and run through Jan 21st.

If you would like to be a part of this year’s Winter Solstice Hunt, , please return this merchant application to Bri McMahon or Sabryne Rhode.

Make a copy of this card and re-name it: WSH2014: (your store) – (your name) – (date 00-00-00)

We would like to receive merchant entry applications as soon as possible up to no later than December 15th.

Thank you for your interest in the hunt!

Bri McMahon and Sabryne Rhode

__________________Merchant Application questions________________________________

Your Name:

Secondary Contact:

Your Store Name:

Your store Landmark:

Your store SLURL:

Blog or Website SLURL: